Proprietary Blends and Why You Should Never Buy a Product with One

Proprietary Blends and Why You Should Never Buy a Product with One

A proprietary blend means you may know what the ingredients are in a product, but you do not know how much of the ingredient is in the product. Of course, this is the best-case scenario. Sometimes, you do not know what the ingredients are- and that’s a problem for an educated consumer that wants to know exactly what they are putting into their body.

Supplement facts label with a proprietary blend

This is antithetical to everything we know about health. Even water, when ingested in inappropriate amounts (either too much or too little) can prove to be lethal. 

Proprietary blends have been created as a way for supplement brands to protect their “secret formula.” There are no secrets if the supplement is based in science. If the research exists, then it is available publicly- not just to the supplement manufacturer. If the supplement ingredient list is not based in science, then the supplement is essentially useless. Therefore, protecting a supplement’s “secret formula” with a proprietary blend is a nonsense excuse to lie to the consumer. Moreover, any competitor can easily do a lab analysis and discover the dosages on their own- it’s only unlikely that the consumer will have the means, not the competition. So who exactly are they lying to?

If a company does not want to tell you how much of each ingredient is in their product, then they are hiding something- and most times, it’s because the product is under dosed. Yes, under dosed. They are increasing their profit margins by being able to say they have a certain ingredient on their label and in their advertisements, but not giving the consumer a dosage that has clinical relevance.  This also means that some of the ingredients may also be over dosed.

The supplement manufacturer only must provide the total amount of the proprietary blend in their supplement facts. This means they can overdose the customer on the cheapest ingredient and under dose on the more expensive ingredients.

If the supplement manufacturer is giving you proper dosages, they will proudly display them without a “proprietary blend” to show the consumer that they are receiving a high-quality product that works and is based in science. Cerebral Torque TM proudly displays its ingredients without a proprietary blend because we want our customers to know our product works and is based in science. Moreover, our FAQ section talks about the dosages and provides research for each ingredient to show why the dosages provided are significant. Check out our label below:


Cerebral Torque TM understands the science and are aware of the synergies between our ingredients.

So, look at the supplement facts. Each ingredient should be listed with its dose. Some manufacturers have found other clever ways to trick the consumer. Look at the label below:

 Proprietary blend supplement label

Yes, they replaced the words “proprietary blend” with “Focus Matrix.” Clever, right? Not really. It should be illegal. Other companies do the same with their own versions of this (i.e., Mental performance blend, Energy Augmenter, etc.)

Stay away from proprietary blends, or whatever else they choose to call it. Be aware. Be educated. Be healthy.

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