One Month HALF OFF of Neura Health Headache Clinic

One Month HALF OFF of Neura Health Headache Clinic

Use coupon code CEREBRALTORQUE15 to get one month HALF OFF of Neura Health - a virtual headache clinic.

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Benefits of Neura Membership

  • Video visits with board-certified headache specialists within a few days
  • Unlimited in-app chat with your neurologist and headache care team
  • Twice-monthly care coaching sessions to keep you on track with your personalized treatment plan, and offer emotional support
  • Full-featured tracker to record your headaches, delivering insights into triggers and trends
  • Their physicians also know how to diagnose and treat the rare headache types and complex patients.

Neura users in this study experienced:

  • A 55% decrease in monthly headache days after 90 days
  • A 16.7% decrease in headache severity
  • A 38.7% decrease in disability
  • A 12.5% decrease in depression
  • A 66.1% decrease in ER and urgent care visits
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